Just What Do the Tea Party Patriots Advocate


Just What Do the Tea Party Patriots Advocate?
Most of the tea parties I’ve attended in my county did not seem to be organized by any specific group affiliated with other groups. The tea party rally I attended in Paso Robles was organized by the local chapter of the Tea party Patriots. They state their mission is “to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize our fellow citizens to secure public policy consistent with our three core values of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free markets.” According to the flyer I was handed at the rally, Tea Party Patriots, Inc is a non-partisan grassroots movement composed of people who are united by core values derived from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of American, and the Bill of Rights as explained in the Federalist Papers. They believe the United States is a Republic whose architects believed its people had “unalienable rights” granted by their Creator, and that the most important of these rights are “life, liberty, and
the pursuit of happiness.”


They believe it benefits the country when private property and prosperity are secured by natural law and the rights of the individual.

This is the fourth tea party I have attended in my county. The others were on sunny days or early evening. The most crowded ones were at noon in Atascadero. The last one we had in Paso Robles was in the early evening, but the weather was good. All these other tea parties had been independently organized by local people and announced well ahead of time so people could plan on attending. Tonight’s rally had only two weeks planning and the 5:00 p.m. time was inconvenient for working people. Not only that, the weather was cold and the sky was full of the kind of gray clouds that threaten rain. I was tempted to stay home myself, so I was surprised that we has as many people in the City Park as we did.

The other unique thing about this tea party was that it was sponsored by a specific organization — the local North San Luis Obispo County Chapter of the Tea Party Patriots, Inc. I have laid out the mission of this organization, which is national with local chapters, in my introduction. People who attend these rallies are informed of the unifying mission and purpose the organization is trying to accomplish and then challenged to join in making it happen. The other tea parties were less specific and people were there mostly to protest. There was no specific action plan. The Tea Party Patriots appear to be much more organized in how they will accomplish their mission, and when people offer to help and join the organization, they know to what they are making a commitment.

I have decided that the best way to present this is by video, so you can see for yourself exactly what the people in this movement believe and want to bring about in this nation. The first speaker was the youngest. The children are introduced only by their first names, at the request of their parents, who gave permission for these videos to be used under those conditions. The other speakers are not always introduced and I haven’t been able to match all the names to the speakers, though most are introduced at least by their first names.

Because of the length of the speeches and the time limits on the length of videos YouTube will accept, some speakers have been edited. Sometimes it’s because a child’s identifying information is mentioned. Sometimes it’s because of dead moment. At one point I had to change my camera batteries and missed a few sentences. Sometimes I cut out some details that were backing up a main point because a few seconds or minutes needed to be trimmed. I have tried to keep the main ideas and the spirit of each speaker intact. I did not include speakers who spoke mostly of local issues or matters that were more organizational than educational. I have tried to keep speakers in the order in which they appeared.

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